We have to admit that when Tesla took the covers off the Cybertruck, it left us awestruck at the sight of its unconventional design. Instead of the sleek curves found on most modern vehicles, what we get is a rugged angular beast. Further adding to its futuristic aesthetics is the fact that it is a zero-emission vehicle. That’s right, it runs on batteries, which should keep you squarely in Mother Nature’s good graces. While the actual pickup truck is still more than a year off, Hot Wheels has your back with a 1:10 scale R/C Cybertruck.

The brand has been making some of the best collectible toys since 1968 and also offers bigger scale toys. If you prefer an even smaller version, there’s also the 1:64 scale R/C Cybertruck up for pre-order right now. Getting back to the topic, the 1:10 model is a limited-edition item that collectors will love to own.

We consider it as a great chance to take the own a piece that represents an automotive marvel of the future. Just like its full-size counterpart, you can expect this R/C machine to handle off-road terrain like a boss. Hot Wheels claims that it can even manage a scale speed of up to 250 miles per hour. Its all-wheel-drive system should mimic the real thing.

Other cool features to expect include a removable Tonneau “Vault” cover, a telescopic tailgate that turns into loading ramp, and functioning headlights/taillights for low-light visibility. Hot Wheels even throws in a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker to remind us of Elon Musk’s iconic presentation snag. A full charge of its 9.9V, 3,300mAh battery should give up to an hour of pure fun. The R/C Cybertruck will retail for $400.

Grab yours: Here

Images courtesy of Hot Wheels