The first luggage custom-made for space travel has arrived. Meet the Horizn One, from Berlin-based Horizn Studios in collaboration with Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut.

But more about the suitcase itself: The Horzn One is a smart carbon fiber luggage suitable for space tourism. The concept fronts a shell reinforced with graphene on top of carbon fiber, enabling enhanced flexibility and strength. But thanks to those materials, it’ll be super lightweight.

Inside, you’ll find a built-in smart screen that travelers can use to connect with their loved ones back on the Pale Blue Dot. Also, there’s a biometric security function that lets you unlock the case via fingerprint recognition. You never know who might try to sneak into your things while in space, right?

Clearly, Horizn has made a pretty smart business choice here — space tourism is, er, about to boom. Someday. Any time now. Maybe. Space walks, everyone. Soon, they’ll be cheap. Several companies are on it, not the least of which Amazon. So it’s definitely happening one way or another. The question is when. But if it comes sooner than expected, we have Horizn to thank for giving us the gift of luggage.

Here’s Stefan Howle, one of the founders, talking about the suitcase.

“This luggage was developed around the question of what a space traveller would need from his or her luggage, and what would that luggage need to function in extreme conditions like zero gravity and limited space.”

Space travel, they think, is “closer than we think.” Hopefully that’s true.


Photos courtesy of Horizn Studios