Even with a fair share of naysayers still adamant about electrification, sustainable mobility has already snowballed down a steep hill and there’s no stopping it. These days efforts to bring climate change is already on everyone’s radar which is why sales of EVs are also on the rise. Honda announces its sustainability roadmap which features the e:N series.

The marque might not be as prominent in the zero-emission scene as its contemporaries Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi. Nonetheless, the reveal of its e:N lineup assures the automotive industry of its plans to go all-electric. Curiously, its new fleet is aiming for the biggest EV market there is right now, which is China.

Chinese consumers who want to see additional EV options in the future can expect Honda’s arrival soon. By 2022, the first two models – the e:NS1 and the e:1NP1 – appears to be SUVs. In terms of design, both sport a modern outline that does not veer into insanely futuristic. Some would probably find it too modest for their tastes, which is why there’s more.

The final three on the e:N list boast aggressive styling with sharp edges almost everywhere. You can’t help but think of the Cybertruck, which is not exactly a bad thing here. However, it tells us that every other manufacturer will just copy Tesla’s upcoming all-electric pickup truck.

The Cybertruck has a fair share of critics when it comes to the overtly geometric silhouette. Still, the competition seems keen to copy it. Honda even applies it to the remaining trio of EVs. The e:N GT Concept, e:N Coupe Concept, and e:N SUV Concept all look like rushed copies of Tesla’s homework with minor revisions. The Japanese company seriously needs to find inspiration elsewhere if it hopes to stand out.

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Images courtesy of Honda