Summer usually calls for some fun outdoors. It can be camping, hiking, or probably driving to a special spot and just take in the view. Another form of enjoyment is grilling great food and having a cold one along with it. What’s awesome is the fact that you can combine the two to make the experience even more memorable. Enter the HitchFire Forge 15 grill as finally pairs our love of vehicles and great-tasting meals in one unique platform.

For those of us who own SUVs or Trucks, you’ll notice that most models normally have a hitch point. This allows us to tow all kinds of stuff such as trailers, a boat maybe, or whatever the vehicle’s capacity can manage. As such, why not use it to hold a fully functional grill for cookouts? This is where the HitchFire Forge 15 comes in.

The problem with most types of grills is the size and the room it takes up in the trunk. Maximize your ride’s interior storage space and install your cooking equipment directly on the hitch instead. It’s a perfect solution for folks who love to tailgate wherever they go. The robust construction of the Forge 15 can withstand the elements and locks safely in place during transport.

It features two 7,500-BTU burners for a total of 15,000 BTUs of grilling power. You’re also looking at 355 square inches of cooking space which is capable of serving a party of 8 to 10. The pivoting swingarm makes it easy to move out of the way when you need it to. The HitchFire Forge 15 uses 16-ounce propane tanks to keep the fires burning hot. Plus, it even has an integrated bottle opener for additional convenience.

Preorder yours now – $499

Images courtesy of HitchFire