UPKnife’s UPK-T1 Rocket Tool is meant to lie in the bottom of your pocket for on-the-fly access whenever and wherever. It is the ultimate pocket tool that offers a Phillips screwdriver and a pry bar in a design that appears like a sword or a rocket, hence its name.

This utility tool is crafted from cast 154CM stainless steel, heat treated to a hardness of 56-58 HRC. This material is often referred to as blade steel or tool steel because of its significant hardness and use in blades and tooling. It’s built tough for light-duty use both indoors and outdoors.

The UPK-T1 Rocket Tool is then finished in bright metal to give it a scratch resistant surface by tumble polishing then micro ball peening. This process creates an even sheen that enhances the tool’s performance by creating surface compression that reduces stress fractures. 

Other than the integrated PH#2 Phillips driver tip and the dual claw pry arms that also double as a right or left-handed can opener, there are also other useful tools included in this EDC. These include a 1/4″ Hex box end wrench bit holder, an O-ring bit retention, an 8mm flat tip pry edge with center split groove, a 4mm Hex driver, and a 1/4″ hex center “T-Handle” position.

Moreover, it offers storage for two 1/4″ hex bits 25mm(short) and one for 1/4″ hex bit 50mm using the included O-rings. The UPK-T1 Rocket Tool comes with one set of light O-rings (6 pcs with 2 extras) and is lightweight at just 28 grams. It may be small and handy but it is crazy strong. Plus, it lies flat for easy storage in your wallet too.

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Images courtesy UPKnife