Among the vehicles we have talked about in the past, the ones that stood for us were the ones built like tanks. The Storm from Highland Systems has just been added to our list of favorites. Even before we even get into the details, the cover image should already tell you why.

We have seen our fair share of some of the most badass machines that are commercially available for those who can afford it. Unfortunately, the Storm has a downside wherein it is currently exclusive for military use. Its capabilities make it a great tactical asset for any armed forces

With a combat-ready silhouette, its clear the Storm means business the moment it is deployed. Highland Systems defines its platform as an armored hybrid amphibious MPV. That’s not a typo right there because it can practically go anywhere.

This is not just fording water right here because the UAE-based manufacturer is saying it will cruise on the water as well. As for obstacles on land, the tank treads should tell us that it will not have any issues. Plus, there’s also the 20-inch ground clearance and ability to run up a 75% grade incline.

The storm also uses a hybrid powertrain which propels it up to 87 mph on land. On the water, the Storm apparently manages to cruise up to speeds of roughly 19 mph (16 knots). These are certainly impressive specifications, but that’s not all.

The STANAG 4569 armor on the Storm can also withstand IEDs and attacks from various projectiles for exceptional survivability. It can seat up to 6 people and is even remote controllable for autonomous operation. We can only hope to see even more insane stuff from Highland Systems down the line.

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Images courtesy of Highland Systems