Scissors are versatile cutting tools but not every type can cut through anything. But when you have the HÉROS Trauma Shears, you can be certain that even metal does not stand a chance.

This is an all-around shear designed and built for battle on and off the field. Backed by 10 years of research and tested by various fields of expertise: Navy SEALS, paramedics, NASA flight surgeons, emergency physicians, and more. Its blade is incredibly sharp and strong enough to cut just about anything: from heavy plastic, carbon fiber, and leather. Likewise, steel fishing leaders, boots, metal rings, seatbelts, fiberglass, and the list goes on. It can definitely make a great sub for your cutting or hunting knife when the need arises.

The HÉROS Trauma Shears cuts with razor-sharp precision and “the power of a great white shark’s bite.” Its Japanese AUS-8 steel alloy blades have serrated incisions to allow quicker and easier cuts every time. Plus, a precise-designed blade length and handle pivot point requires minimal effort but gives maximum force.

Best of all, it comes with other helpful tools including a bottle opener, oxygen key opener, ring cutter, window puncher, and ruler. It also has a hex key opener and an integrated ripper.

The HÉROS Trauma Shears is water, rust, and corrosion-resistant. It does not bend or break, and maintains superior edge retention or stays sharp for longer periods. It provides a comfortable ambidextrous grip, does not twist, and guaranteed to withstand extreme contacts. Its blade even passed tests on ballistic and other advanced military-grade materials including Nomex and Kevlar. Plus, it is TSA friendly and comes with a carabiner clip for easy carry.

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Images courtesy of HÉROS Trauma Shears