Herman Miller knows what a comfortable chair brings to the game. There’s nothing like a good backrest that contours and a seat that doesn’t hamper your movements. Thus, the brand reinvents its famous Sayl Chair with upgrades that cater to gamers’ needs.

This stylish gaming chair takes inspiration from the architecture and engineering behind suspension bridges. It provides both support and freedom to movements, as such it is ideal for gamers “who can’t quite sit still.” It uses less material to create more innovative support for gamers who change posture and shift position throughout the day.

The Sayl Chair features a frameless 3D suspension back that provides passive PostureFit spinal support. This allows the spinal to maintain its natural S shape thus inhibiting the chances of backaches. The backrest comprises elastomer strands that stretch to offer support where needed and the least on areas where motion is mostly needed.

Meanwhile, Harmonic Tilt allows for a natural, balanced movement. The chair also has a forward seat angle that comes in handy for those moments when you’re tuned in to the game. The angle supports your spine as you lean forward. Adding comfort is the addition of a contoured and padded seat. The combination of foam and molding makes long hours sitting comfortable and easy on the bottom.

The Sayl Chair also boasts adjustable arm height and width for the optimal arm support. Lower it down, slide under your desk, move to the side, or pull them in for cushion. You can also adjust the seat forward or backward, up or down to find your best leg support.

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Images courtesy of Herman Miller