Late last year, Hennessey announced an exclusive release of its X.O cognac to commemorate its 150th anniversary. Of course, to ensure that each of the bottles is truly special it partnered with renowned architect Frank Ghery. This gave us a decanter holding the delightful spirit with a bronze sleeve with a 24k gold coat. With the Year of the Ox almost upon us, we are getting a limited-edition V.S.O.P and X.O. These are part of its CNY 2021 by Liu Wei collection

This time, the highly regarded distiller is tapping into the talents of Chinese artist Liu Wei. It’s doing so by commissioning an artwork that embodies the spirit of the Lunar New Year. What he delivered was a vibrant abstract painting titled “Spring” that apparently symbolizes renewal and hope in these difficult times. This is what inspires the CNY 2021 by Liu Wei collection from Hennessey.

First is the V.S.O.P which arrives in a unique packaging which denotes that its part of the CNY 2021 Liu Wei collection. You’ll notice that the print and the colors resemble that of the painting by the artist. Inside is the bottle which comes in a red and purple colorway that blends dynamically akin to Wei’s artwork.

Meanwhile, the X.O also boasts a special packaging this time with gold, black, and red as the dominant tones. The iconic decanter of the premium brandy now sports a coat of gold that transitions into red at the bottom. Both bottles from the Hennessey CNY 2021 by Liu Wei collection would make nice additions to your display even they already empty after your Lunar New Year celebration.

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Images courtesy of Hennessey