Typically, whiskey is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or maybe with a few splashes of water. Although there are other ways to enhance the experience, we should at least sample it how the distillery wants us to. Mixing it with other ingredients or beverages is also acceptable, which is why the Black Hjerte caught our eye.

As most of us here can’t function without our daily dose of panic juice, this expression from Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. seems like the ideal blend to sip at the end of the day. It’s no secret coffee and whiskey are wonderful when paired together, which is why this release from the Los Angeles, California-based group might find its space in the cabinets of java aficionados out there.

This concept behind the Black Hjerte might not be totally original but reports claim it is a market first. It involves blended whiskey finished with staves sourced from casks that previously housed fully matured coffee liqueur. The crucial component of this delightful concoction is supplied by Laurel Canyon Spirits which is known for its corn vodka-based coffee liqueur.

The resulting liquid is stored in ex-bourbon casks before bottling. The infused wood from these containers is shipped over to Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. Starting with a Kentucky straight rye and light whiskey, the distillery then incorporates the staves at a ratio of one-third Blood Orange Coffee Liqueur (also from Laurel Canyon Spirits) and two-thirds Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur.

Pour a serving of the golden amber spirit into a glass and smell the mixture of charred oak, buttercream, roasted coffee, and vanilla. “On the palate, the whiskey is a symphony of flavors that begin sweet, with caramelized sugar and orange zest notes, intertwined with rich and mildly bitter coffee notes,” shares Black Barrel Whiskey Co. about the Black Hjerte.

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Images courtesy of Black Barrel Whiskey Co.