What would be the oldest age statement of whiskey you’ve sampled? These days, what used to be considered exceptional at 10 to 15 years old is no longer held in the same regard as before as enthusiasts crave something more mature. Well, if the ballpark figure you have in mind is somewhere beyond $50,000, this Highland Park 54 Year Old should be perfect!

It’s not every day that your average Joe would be willing to part with that much dough, but things are different in elite circles. Even at its price range, there are highly exclusive single malts that command eye-watering rates at auctions. Nevertheless, this blend does not require you to outbid others to enjoy something exquisite like this.

However, acquiring one right now is not a guarantee given only 225 bottles are in circulation. If luck is on your side, however, a local distributor or secondary markets might have a bottle or two selling at just a little above the suggested retail price. Thankfully, a lucky few have already experienced what a sip of the Highland Park 54 Year Old offers.

This single malt currently holds the title of the most senior expression released by Highland Park. The spirit is bottled at 46.9% ABV and ships in a striking decanter and wooden presentation case inspired by the remarkable beauty of the rock layers found near its distillery in Orkney. This blend is curated by the label’s Master Whiskey Maker Gordon Motion.

10 refill casks from 40 years ago were carefully selected and stored for another 14 years in first-fill sherry seasoned casks. The Highland Park 54 Year Old single malt exudes a hue of “deep autumnal russet” as noted by the product page. Collectively, the tasting notes listed include fenugreek, delicate heathery peat smoke, vintage oak, sweet jasmine, pistachio biscotti, aromatic camphor, cumin, coriander, honeyed kiwi fruit, and lychees.

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Images courtesy of Highland Park