As scientists and science fiction writers back then warned us, robots are finally taking over. Thankfully, it’s not in the way Skynet in the Terminator franchise is doing so. So far, advancements in AI – especially in machine learning algorithms – are making our lives easier. Meanwhile, Heineken just changed the game with the B.O.T. and you will want one.

Forget about vacuums, programmable toys, and even chefs, as the only robot that matters now is the one from Heineken. According to the Dutch brewing company, the name stands for Beer Outdoor Transporter. The timing of its unveiling is impeccable as the summer season is pushing temperatures up the scales.

The B.O.T. is the mechanical helper every beer drinker needs to have around at home. This six-wheeled automaton is always ready to hand out your favorite beverage. While it might not be a Heineken for some, the green coat and iconic livery should still advertise the brand whenever it springs into action.

Engineers behind this contraption made sure that it follows a single protocol and still steer clear from danger. Just like your Roomba, the B.O.T. knows how to avoid hazards such as elevated surfaces. Thus, no worries about it falling into the pool or off the deck in your backyard.

Instead of you hauling around a cooler full of your choice brew. As for the specifications, the container can hold up to 12 cans of beer plus ice. It is also equipped with sensors and a charming personality as per Heineken. The company is yet to share more about the other functionalities of the B.O.T. but why bother with details when you can have a cold one on demand?

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Images courteys of Heineken