A hot, delicious meal is always a far better choice to have especially during chilly days. But the microwave may not always be around when you need it. The Heatbox, on the other hand, does not need electricity to give you piping hot meals on the go.

This is no ordinary lunchbox. A press of a button starts the heating process through steam. This lunchbox comprises of sections: the inner and outer. The inner is made of stainless steel and is where you store your food. The outer container is where you put the water that produces the steam.

The Heatbox has a built-in heating element to warm up food within in eight minutes. The steaming process renders warm or hot food and keeps its nutrients and flavor. It even comes with a silicone inner lid to keep food fresh and prevent spills or leaks.

It features a patent-pending anti-leaking mechanism to ensure food stays inside no matter your movements. Even when you put the box inside a bag in your daily commutes or shake it, there are no leaks or spills. Meanwhile, the outer cover, made from natural bamboo, adds style and also helps trap in the goodness.

The heating system works on a rechargeable battery that lets you warm up food three times on a single charge. If you’re not heating up food, you can use the lunchbox as a power bank. The Heatbox even has smartphone connectivity. You can set the heating method through its companion app where you can choose from three steaming programs: low, medium, and high.

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Images courtesy of Heatbox