Even with years of research and results showing that vaccines are effective against certain diseases, many are still hesitant. Governments and their healthcare officials are having a hard time convincing folks about getting their shots for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Hawke’s Brewing Co. is encouraging our friend Down Under with it Jab & Slab campaign.

Kudos to the brewer for coming up with a clever tactic for inoculation against the 2019 novel conronavirus. As the pandemic shows no signs of a slowdown anytime soon, medical professionals urge people not to fear the vaccine. Perhaps a box of Hawke’s Brewing Co. beer is the push everybody needs.

This cool initiative is unfortunately exclusive to residents of Greater Sydney. To be eligible for the Jab & Slab giveaway, you need to get your first COVID-10 vaccine dose and take a photo of the band-aid stamped are of the arm. Upload it on Instagram and tag @hawkesbrewingco with a #jabandslab hashtag.

Founders of the brewery based in Marrickville, New South Wales, David Gibson and Nathan Lennon count late Prime Minister Bob Hawke was one of their backers. “We should have been breaking vaccination records months ago. But apparently it wasn’t a race and now half the country has been impacted by lockdown again,” according to Gibson.

Perhaps other breweries in the United States would catch on and offer something similar to the Jab & Slab. COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise as people continue to reject vaccinations despite the benefits it brings to the table. Hawke’s Brewing Co. notes that only 250 slots are available.

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Images courtesy of Hawke’s Brewing Co.