Due to the ongoing health crisis, international travel will probably not pick up anytime soon. Still, we are all hoping that the pandemic would soon be under control. In fact, in line with our positive outlook, we want to plan out future trips in exotic locales to take in whatever they have to offer. China might be the last thing on anyone’s minds right now, but we to check out the TreeHotel at the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel.

What they are offering is an awesome attraction perfect for reconnecting with nature. You can find this establishment along Xianghu Road, Xianghu Scenic Area. As the address implies, the location offers visitors a breathtaking view of the verdant landscape.

The official website describes the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel as “a large-scale leisure and vacation complex integrating accommodation, recreation, catering and commerce. Among the attractions accessible in the area, what we want to highlight are the accommodations at the TreeHotel.

When we were kids, having a tree house was equivalent to owning a luxury mansion. Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel literally elevates that concept into a collection of rooms situated above ground. How the structures wrap around and over the trees is a marvel of design and architecture. You can make your way up via staircases and admire the surrounding forest.

This is a type of getaway that will be memorable for anyone lucky enough to book their stay. Even the design of their luxurious cabins appear cohesive thanks to the generous use of wood. You must book at least two nights to access the TreeHotel and the rates already include breakfast. Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel is definitely on our list of places to visit soon.

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Images courtesy of Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Resort Hotel/Xiaoli Liu