The Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel lets you camp out in the Ryckevelde forest in Belgium atop a treehouse. As such, Boomkamp literally means “tree camp.”

It is glamping in style, to say the least. This forest treehouse sits just outside of Bruges and sits suspended 3.5 meters off the ground through wood and steel stilts. The whole construction is kept stable using eight steel cables hooked to four trees. A water and fire-resistant tarpaulin provides roofing to protect against the rain and provide shade. There is also a big window in front and a small terrace landing near the wooden staircase where guests can enjoy sunrise and sunsets or simply revel in the beauty of their natural surroundings.

The Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel comes with a 180 x 200 cm-sized bed. There are also lights and outlets to plug electric gadgets. What the house does not have are grooming necessities, especially a bathroom or restroom. An 80 yards walk away leads you to the restroom facilities. there you will also find the Kasteel Ryckevelde that offers meals to guests and a pop-up bar called Parkkaffee.

The designers of the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel, couple Kika Merlin and Tobias Knockaert, got their inspiration from their childhood days playing in treehouses. They wanted to provide an alternative vacation experience away from the chaos of the urban jungle. They wanted to make sure not to harm the tress in the construction and even afterward when it’s time to put the treehouses away. Thus, they opted to use removable steel cables to keep the houses stable.

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Images courtesy of Boomkamp