Improving your hairstyle is one of many ways to give off a groomed and professional appearance. If you’ve been sporting the same out-of-fashion hairstyle for a while now and are boring yourself with it, imagine how bored other people are? When you’ve decided it’s about time to upgrade your hair game, you’re going to need to upgrade your hair products too if you’re aiming for that trendy new look. Thankfully we’ve moved on from a bit of spit and frantic patting. Today there are some fantastic male hair waxes on the market we think you should know about.

In this guide we’re going to give you the lowdown on everything there is to know about hair waxes, and provide you with our ten best hair waxes for men out there at the moment. We’ll cover all their specifics, the pros, the cons and where you can get your hands on them for very reasonable prices.

We’ll take a look at a range of waxes to cater for different hair types, lengths, thicknesses, and desired styles so there’s something for every man.


What’s the best hair wax on the market in 2019? That’s what we’re here to tell you. The best wax for one guy may not be the best wax for another guy. Some waxes are better to help you create one style or finish or are better with one type of hair and vice versa. Which is why you normally get different strong opinions and “Nah, you should get [insert hair wax brand]; it’s the best” recommendations from your buddies.

Our roundup of ten incredible waxes will help you narrow down your choice so you can find a hair wax to suit your current or upcoming style and just as importantly, one that matches with your hair’s thickness and texture.

Let’s dive straight into it…


Tigi Bed Head for Men

The TIGI Bed Head wax is where we kick off our list of the best hair wax for men in 2018. This product is ideal for casual everyday use which will keep your style in place all day without the need for midday touch ups. It’s aimed at the modern gent with contemporary styles due to its natural non-shimmer finish. As though you woke up that way – maybe that’s why they call themselves bed head?

This wax is also great in more humid conditions. It won’t melt under the raging sun easily and shouldn’t become watered down with the added moisture in the air. Meaning guys from Texas to Turkey can benefit from this great option. What’s also great about this hair wax is that it won’t leave you worrying about hair clumping together because it cleverly includes polymers to help separate hair during styling.


  • checkSuitable for all seasons so you can use before your work’s Christmas party as well as pack it in your summer holiday suitcase.
  • checkIt’s long lasting so you don’t need to redo your style during the day and you don’t use it up fast.
  • checkOffers a natural look which is in keeping with the majority of modern trends.


  • cross-altNot as effective on longer hair than some competing waxes.


  • Brand Name Bed Head
  • Weight 1.4oz
  • Dimensions 6 x 5 x 4 inches

Smooth Viking Hydrating Fibre Cream

The Smooth Viking Hydrating Cream is aimed for the Vikings among us – the men with naturally thicker locks. Yet, they added this product to their line to also cater for those with shorter or thinner tops. The fiber is designed to get shorter hairs pulling in the same direction and look more cohered rather than them having a mind of their own.

This product is packed with natural ingredients to help your hair get that fuller and more textured appearance desired in a lot of styles. After all, having a full head of hair is a key sign of virility. Despite the feel of this product being more like those gels we used to slop on in high school, it avoids the wet shining look and will give a natural finish that doesn’t reveal the effort you’ve put in. Interested? This wax comes wallet-friendly, just make sure you find it at the best price.


  • checkPerfect for all length hair and especially shorter styles due to the product’s texture
  • checkNatural hair wax which keeps your hair healthy
  • checkTakes minimal effort to wash away and doesn’t stain


  • cross-altThose with longer hair may benefit more from other products within the Smooth Viking range


  • Brand Name Smooth Viking
  • Weight 2.88oz
  • Dimensions 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches

American Crew Fiber

The American Crew Fiber is the must-have wax for men with shorter hairstyles. They state themselves that hair between one and three inches will benefit most from their formula. A formula that includes Lanolin and Beeswax, which is great at retaining moisture and keeping your style firmly in place, as well as including ceteareth-20 to improve your hair’s general health.

It can be worked into both damp and dry hair so both styling preferences are catered for. It also gives off a matte finish to keep in line with our “in” styles that need a more authentic look. What we mean is, by sporting the American Crew Fiber you won’t have people asking if you swam to work.


  • checkExceptional hold when applied on shorter hair due to moisture retention
  • checkCeteareth-20 will maintain your hair’s health during use
  • checkMatte finish which is compatible with most men’s style aims


  • cross-altNot suitable for longer hair


  • Brand Name American Crew
  • Weight 3.04oz
  • Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1.6 inches

Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold

Not all of us like to go with the flow, some men like to stand out. Especially in a world where the retro look is creeping further and further back in and older styles are rallying. This is why Suavecito have brought a unique addition to the hair wax market. They have managed to manufacture a wax that gives you the older shinier look without going overboard. But that’s not the best thing. The amount of shine you will get depends on your pre-styling prep i.e. how dry your hair is when applying.

One of the other draw-ins for men using this wax is that its cream-like consistency allows you to comb the product through your hair without snagging. Making for a perfect wax when putting in some more effort for formal occasions, such as partings, slick back and pompadour styles. Its light feel will not have you pulling your hair out when trying to get it out too. A quick rinse with some regular shampoo will do the job just fine!


  • checkUnique ability to increase or decrease shine depending on the mixture with hair’s moisture at time of styling
  • checkIdeal for more sophisticated look that require the use of a comb
  • checkCaters for the smaller niche who prefer a lesser natural aesthetic


  • cross-altNot ideal for those desiring a pure natural appearance and low-key styles. There are more suitable waxes on our list for that


  • Brand Name Suavecito
  • Weight 5.6oz
  • Dimensions 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches

American Crew Forming Cream

The team over at American Crew state that their foaming cream is the perfect product to ease hair grooming newcomers into using such products. It’s the all-rounder of quality hair waxes. Suitable for short and medium hair lengths, and all types, to provide exceptional hold throughout your busiest and most active days.

It’s a great option for guys that want to improve the appearance of their hair quality by adding a thicker and more textured look. Hair appears thicker because of added Glycerin which actually swells your hair to make it fuller and softer, as well as making it look healthier by giving a natural shine after use.

All of these added ingredients to improve your look will not cause problems removing it either – a bit of hot water and shampoo does the trick with this wax too!


  • checkAimed at hair grooming novices as a workable cream that is easy to manage, maintain and remove
  • checkGlycerin makes your hair appear thicker
  • checkA great option to guys with short and medium hair lengths


  • cross-altThere are better products out there for males with long hair


  • Brand Name American Crew
  • Weight 3oz
  • Dimensions 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches

Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax

If you love beer, you’re about to love it even more. The hops in the world’s most delicious beers are also added to the Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax. Why? Because these hops are a great way to keep wax workable, long lasting and your style natural- full of volume and free of dandruff. They might add some quirky beer ingredients, but this wax does not include any artificial dyes, parabens or sulfates.

This easy-to-wash-out hair wax is the lighter option from our ten best hair waxes in 2018. The weightlessness might have you feeling as though you forgot to groom your hair but will always keep you looking sharp. To top it off, this wax is complemented with Tonka beans to give you a soft but masculine vanilla-like scent.


  • checkA very unique wax made with beer hops to prevent dandruff
  • checkOffers a weightlessness that’s hard to find in other hair products without compromising on holding ability
  • checkDoes not include any artificial ingredients


  • cross-altThe vanilla scent from the Tonka beans may not be everyone’s cup of tea


  • Brand Name Blind Barber
  • Weight 1.76oz
  • Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches

Maneuver Work Wax by Redken

The next hair product on our list is the Maneuver Work Wax. This wax has a smooth feel which will also give you a smooth like appearance. For that reason, it’s best for slicker looks rather than the choppy or messy styles. Despite its smoothness, it doesn’t make your hair look too shiny, so you can avoid your buddies getting their sunglasses out to mock drenched looking hair while keeping a sleek appearance.

It has an adequate hold length too, so you won’t need to take it with you to work, and it washes out without any issues. As it is sold in 100ml tubs, it’s also a travel-friendly product you can take on the plane with you – perfect for longer journeys where you may need to freshen up on your stopovers. If you’d like to read more reviews on the Maneuver Work Wax, we won’t hold it against you. The only thing getting held will be your hair.


  • checkAchieves a smooth look that some tougher waxes cannot replicate
  • checkMakes certain sleeker styles more manageable
  • checkDespite being smooth and sleek it does not overly shine and looks natural


  • cross-altChoppier and more messy styles should avoid this wax and go for more suitable products that offer texturizing finishes


  • Brand Name Redken
  • Weight 5.1oz
  • Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1.8 inches

Challenger Matte Cream Pomade

Another travel friendly wax is the Challenger Matte Cream Pomade. If you’re searching for a completely shine-free wax, then this may be the one for you. It works well in shaping short, medium and longer hair without the unwanted added shimmers- as well as boasting a 24-hour hold.

The matte finish will not leave your hands sticky and won’t damage your hair either. Just give it a quick rinse and it’ll be like it was never there. This wax seems to know its place as a styling product and nothing else. Why? When styling your hair, you’ll notice a subtle odour from the wax that is pleasing but won’t linger around and drown away your expensive cologne. Keeping you looking and smelling great!


  • checkOffers the ultimate natural finish which won’t even look like you tried to look so good!
  • checkMade to not overpower your other more expensive aftershaves and alike
  • checkSuitable for all length hair – yes, including longer styles!


  • cross-altWe struggled to find a negative here….ehmm it doesn’t work on wigs!


  • Brand Name Challenger
  • Weight 3.84oz
  • Dimensions 2.8 x 1.8 x 2.8 inches

Vogarte Hair Styling Aqua Wax for Men

Vogarte’s Aqua Wax has somehow managed to combine extreme and prolonged holding of even the most intricate styles without the heavy, clumpy and sloppy feel that other products of this holding ability offer. If you have demanding days or even have to wear a helmet during part of the working day, this wax could be the grooming answer to your helmet-hair problems.

There are two other perks to this wax – apart from being easy to wash out like all the quality waxes we placed on our list. Hilarious as it would be to see a rabbit looking like a member of a punk band, if you’re a guy who likes animals and is concerned for their wellbeing during product testing, you’ll be pleased to know that this wax is not tested on any animals whatsoever. Now you’re interested ey?


  • checkProbably the strongest wax on the list
  • checkGet your money back if you don’t like it using the right channels
  • checkA cruelty-free product that allows you to look your best knowing no animals have been hurt


  • cross-altThe wax is more for those needing long hold while other waxes may be better at workability and providing more versatile styles


  • Brand Name Vogarte
  • Weight 3.52oz
  • Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2 inches

Red One Aqua Hair Wax Full Force

The final product on our list of ten best hair waxes for men in 2018 is another quality one. It’s the Red One. The wax itself offers many of the familiar perks of our other exceptional recommendations. It improves texturizing during crafting your new look and can add some much-needed volume to your do – especially for gents with thinning hair.

Yet, there is another twist to this wax. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins to protect and nourish your hair and hair follicles. So you can go about your business knowing your hair is healthy, cared for and in pristine condition – as well as making you look your most handsome. You should find out more about the Red One Aqua Hair Wax by looking at what other people have had to say!


  • checkOutshines other waxes when including important vitamins and minerals key for supporting healthy hair and protecting follicles
  • checkExceptionally good at improving the appearance of your hair’s thickness and texture
  • checkOffers a fantastic balance between holding strength and natural aesthetics
  • checkComes in a larger pot than most other quality brands without being more expensive


  • cross-altThe sweet strawberry scent may not be so appealing to some men who prefer more masculine scents


  • Brand Name Redist USA
  • Weight 8oz
  • Dimensions 3.6 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches


Why Is Hair Wax Better Than Hair Gel?

Since the dawn of man, us gents have wrestled with some style and fashion conundrums. From crew-necks to V-necks, clean shaven vs stubble and the age-old riddle of tie or no tie, we always have an important decision to make. Well, one of the latest choices we’ve needed to make is between hair wax and hair gel. The answer is wax, it’s pretty cut and dry – pun slightly intended- and we’ll tell you why.

Remember when the wet look was in? Yeah, us neither. Hair gel is only really good for achieving that wet look you were rocking sometime back at the turn of the century. Now the stylish guy likes the dry natural aesthetics of a sharp cut with low maintenance. Which is why wax is much better for the modern man.

On top of this, wax is much more versatile than gel. Gel can be sloppy and clumpy whereas there are many different waxes which afford different textures to your hair, including pastes, clays, creams and putties. If you like a messy, choppy, slick, straight or wavy look then wax is the product for you.

Is Hair Wax Easy To Wash Out/Get Off Your Hands?

Unless you’re Ross Geller and a bit of a wax head, then rinsing the wax from your hair and hands shouldn’t be a problem. Using the right amount of wax is important in this regard, but there’s another way of making sure you don’t spend endless amounts of time shampooing your hair each evening – don’t be that guy.

Using a quality wax will keep your hands fresh and the ladies still interested after running their hands through your hair. Being a bit of a cheapskate and choosing the dollar hair wax in the grocery store will be hard to remove. If your favorite average brand is causing your hands to remain sticky, you could try adding some vegetable oil to your hot soapy water. Or again, why not upgrade your hair game and splash out on a quality men’s hair wax?

Waxing your hair does not need to be done every few hours. Most hair wax manufacturers pride themselves on their product’s ability to withstand hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis – so they tell us. They are probably right in their underlying claims though. Most waxes from reputable brands who care about their product make them so men like us don’t need to run to the bathroom during the working day for a touch-up. These once applications certainly make them easier to remove.

Is Hair Wax Bad For My Hair?

Using hair wax will make you go bald. Well, that’s what you’ll hear if you depart on a Googling mission for long enough. Back in reality however, hair wax doesn’t cause any major problems to your hair as a standalone product. It’s how it’s handled which may have negative effects on your hair and scalp.

Not washing your hair thoroughly may leave you with a wax build-up. A build-up of such can cause a reaction and irritate and dry your scalp, or even cause dandruff to appear. Simultaneously, you may trap oil on your scalp and initiate another cause of scalp irritation.

So, while there’s no danger you’ll be looking like Patrick Stewart any time soon, it’s best to choose a quality wax that is much easier to remove from your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. By skimping on quality you’ll probably end up spending more on shampoo anyway.

How Long Does My Hair Have To Be To Use Wax?

If you’ve tried googling this one you may have come unstuck with talk of removal creams and “Brazilians”. We aren’t here for that. Some men who are nailing the buzzcut or shorter looks are often confused into whether they should be adding a little wax to their hair.

At this stage it’s a matter of preference, but if you’re still on the fence there’s one golden rule. The general consensus seems to be that if you can feel the wax on your scalp during application then your hair is too short. Don’t confuse this with working in your wax from the roots up – this is still a good technique to use. The more hair you have and the thicker it is means the more wax you can use but don’t go overboard – we say it again; don’t be that guy!

The Final Cut

And that’s that. Today we’ve brought you ten outstanding hair waxes to cater for different styles and hair types to help enhance your style or even transform you from one style to another. We’ve looked at natural hair wax, hair wax with beer (!), waxes to suit modern needs and even looked at a wax for retro style lovers.

We hope after reading our folio of products you don’t end up in the supermarket aisle scouring for the cheapest budget hair wax again to grease your locks with. Get yourself a fantastic hair grooming product for your needs and stand head and shoulders above the pack, my friend!