Privacy is hard to come by these days amid the modern advancements in technology. Urban dwellers tend to make it their mission to know everyone’s business. Sometimes you just want to escape somewhere secluded like the Gypsy Rose Vardo cabin, a tiny house in Taos, New Mexico.

Head ten miles outside of town and you will find a cedar cabin that sits among the bushes. The tiny house hosts 100 square feet of space for two guests. It comes with a private deck that gives you wide views of the surrounding desert landscape.

The Gypsy Rose Vardo may look like your typical outdoor cabin on the outside. Inside though is a different story. The house runs on solar energy so you have the convenience and pleasure of making meals on a built-in induction cooker. There’s a mounted TV at the footbed and a DVD player with on the house DVDs. Electrical sockets allow you to power your devices and there is even a fridge, a heater that keeps the inside warm fast, a kitchen sink, and plenty of storage cabinets and pillows.

This may be a tiny house but it sure gives the comfort you find in a home. It has a memory foam mattress, 1500 thread linens, and a thick comforter for chilly nights. The shower and bathroom are outside, which completed the whole off-grid experience.

The Gypsy Rose Vardo is close by the town’s famous Mamby hot springs and a 25-min drive to the east of the Tao Ski Valley. A little hike down the private path and you can go on a picnic, rafting, or fly-fishing.

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Images courtesy of Gypsy Rose Vardo