Getaway is a New York-based company that builds tiny houses, places them in nature and rents them out by the night to stressed out folks looking to escape and rejuvenate. They start by finding serene land within two hours of major cities and place a collection of cabins throughout.

Emphasizing the natural surroundings and embodying the Getaway ethic of “less is more,” these 160-200 sq ft-sized idyllic shelters feature all the comforts of home – including a comfy queen bed, stove, fridge, sink, toilet shower, pour-over coffee, and heating. For a small fee, you can even have access to camp snacks like s’mores, popcorn, pasta and sauce, and firewood. Pup tents are also available for your canine friends.

Getaway currently serves three major cities: Boston, New York, and Washington, DC, with plans to expand to more stressed-out cities across America.

Book at Getaway $99+ per night