The Six Senses Shaharut is south of Israel’s Negev Desert and has 60 suites and villas for guests to check-in. It is the best place to venture if you’re looking to explore the skies at night and go on hiking trips.

This desert resort is of fascinating and biblical proportions. It offers the best views of the desert landscape from where it sits on a boundless cliff in harmony with the natural panoramic beauty. Shaharut translates as the moment before dawn and the place offers an almost supernatural view of when “the sunsets meld into the orange dunes to become an inky sky scattered with stardust.”

The design of the villas in the Six Senses Shaharut allows them to co-exist with the natural desert topography. Local rocks and pigments, regional cacti, and indigenous desert blooms adorn the dry landscape. The starry skies provide most of the light at night.

Meanwhile, the furniture and other furnishings are from natural stone, copper and wood sourced from local artisans. The doors boast a unique design as they are from recycled teak salvaged from scrapped boats, houses, or footbridges.

Guests of the Six Senses Shaharut can visit the open-air amphitheater, marvel at the Earth Lab, or visit the camel stables. They can also go on hikes, jeep safaris, and camel camping. The resort also offers various wellness programs and traditional therapies. There’s all-day breakfast, a poolside bar and grill, and juice bar and alchemy bar located at the spa. It also has an indoor and outdoor pool, a gym, yoga studio with desert views, and a nail bar.

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