When you’re out camping, the best approach would be to bring stuff that does not take up a lot of space. We’re here to help our readers discover the latest stuff that can help out and we found one for the outdoor chef. Traditionally, all the cooking is done using the campfire, but the uneven heat can give you undesirable results.

Camp stoves are an ideal alternative, but it’s difficult to find the right balance of portability and functionality. Well, that’s about to change because the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro Camp Stove is coming our way.

For the sake of portability, most camp stoves normally utilitarian and feature just one burner. Yet, the Pinnacle Pro manages to sport two and can still collapse into something that measures 1.25-inch thick. This makes it the ultimate camping equipment for those who want to cook like a chef outdoors.

Being able to prepare two dishes simultaneously can greatly enhance meal preparation if there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Thus, it’s awesome to have when you’re with a big group. Moreover, it touts a clever mechanical system that makes it easy to set up and store. A pair of retractable legs keeps the cooking surface at the right height.

Meanwhile, the two 11,000 BTU burners with piezo lighters will handle whatever food is on the menu. As much as we want to have the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro Camp Stove right now, we have to wait until 2020. Hence, we’ll have to make do with using regular models for the meantime.

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