When you’re the type who brings cards more than cash, then you need not use a bulky wallet but a cardholder. The GRID wallet works both ways though; it holds several cards and your bills too in an ultra-thin and lightweight material.

This wallet is the ideal EDC to bring in your travels because it does not take up much space in your bag or pocket and can hold up to 12 cards. Best of all, it has an RFID blocking system so you can be assured that your security and personal information are safe from data swiping.

It comes in a variety of colors to fit your personal style: carbon fiber, gunmetal aluminum, forged carbon, and titanium. This card wallet also has a built-in steel money clip at the back for your folded bills.

Loading the cards is easy. You just pull the two aluminum plates apart and slide in a stack of cards, or you can put each card one at a time. A strong and durable elastic on the sides and at the bottom stretches to accommodate as many cards and keeps them in place, so you don’t have to worry about the cards falling out.

A small opening at the bottom center functions as the card push slot for when you want to pick out a card. The tricky part is when the card you want is in the middle of the stack so you have to be creative. You can pan out the stack accordion style or you can take all of them out, which can be a hassle since you have to put the other cards back in again.

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Photos Courtesy of GRID Wallet

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