The process of mining or earning cryptocurrency may seem pretty straightforward, but experts will tell you that it’s not. Unless you took the leap and invested early before the hype grew, the market’s volatility does not assure huge profits. If Elon Musk’s shenanigans pushed you to double down on Dogecoin, the Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet from GRAY could be the gadget for you.

Cryptocurrency is becoming the go-to option for investors both old and new as publicity surrounding it growing. Especially now wherein folks are almost always online for work or leisure, many are eager for a quick buck. Despite the security systems in place storing your information online still makes it susceptible to hackers.

Therefore, most cybersecurity professionals recommend the use of hardware wallets which is what GRAY offers with the Corazon. On top of top-notch security, those who want something equally luxurious to store their crypto private keys will find it here.

GRAY says the Corazon is for people who are fully into digital currency with cryptographic technology protection. Currently, the device boasts support for more than 1,500 types of cryptocurrency. At its backbone is software based on Trezor Core Firmware which is the one used by the Trezor Model T.

Owners can also use it as a U2F hardware token for authentication requests and a password manager for digital accounts. The craftsmanship that goes into the Corazon is remarkable, with the range-topping model is aerospace-grade titanium.

A solid block of the lightweight-yet-durable metal undergoes CNC machining to form its elegant shape. You can even choose to have it with a PVD coat in gold, rose gold, and Stealth (black). An aluminum variant of the Corazon is also available which is cheaper but equally secure and stunning.

Buy – $999

Images courtesy of GRAY