For years now, the Apple Watch has been a commercial success that has left Android Wear behind. Battery life continues to be dismal in comparison to wearables from Huawei, Samsung, and other brands. Nevertheless, its widespread adoption makes it a perfect platform for third-party accessory manufacturers. While its first-party options retail for premium prices, there are some add-ons that cost more than the device itself. The Gray Cyber Watch is one of those which retails for up to $1,299.

What makes it even more ridiculous is the fact that it is for a case and band only. Although the Apple Watch can survive some accidental bumps and scrapes, it lacks the protection that some of its competitors ship with. Thus, there is a thriving demand for aftermarket accessories that could augment its survivability. Common items owners shop for are tempered glass screen protector and protective cases.

The Cyber Watch from Gray is an upscale case with an FKM rubber band that not only keeps your wearable safe but enhances its appearance. You can choose from titanium or aluminum variants and several colors to match your preference. It is engineered to perfection and fits the Apple Watch without any noticeable gaps. The metal housing reinforces its overall durability and elevates its aesthetics

Likewise, to absorb the shock from impacts an FKM rubber insert sits between the titanium frame and the Apple Watch. Taking into account the crown, the right section angles inward to make the button accessible. If you are getting the Cyber Watch from Gray, you might as well splurge on its other collection to protect your iPhone and AirPods.

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Images courtesy of Gray