If you’ve ever wanted an case that’s more expensive than your iPhone, you’re in luck. The folks at Gray are offering this Alter Ego Titanium iPhone Case starting at $1,462 for your iPhone X or XS, and $1,710 if you have an iPhone XS Max.

Needless to say that this is the ultimate status symbol for all you Apple fans out there. Exactly why someone would invest in a case like this escapes us (and we’ve written about very expensive things here at Men’s Gear), but given the fact that the latest iPhone models already cost a fortune, it’s just fair game to protect them with the highest-quality case money can buy, right?

Created from two blocks of aerospace-grade titanium then finished with a single screw and combined with a TPU bumper for added protection, each Alter Ego case takes about 12 hours to make, a process overseen only by “our most trusted artisans,” says Gray. “Finally, each Alter Ego passes the hands of our master craftsmen, who individually finish the creation to our exacting specifications of detail and quality.”

Aside from Titanium, there are three other variants you can choose from, namely Stealth, Gold, and Aurora. Titanium is the cheapest of the bunch, and it only goes higher from there. Expect to shell out a couple of thousands bucks if you want to get the Aurora edition. If you’re planning to get the case for your iPhone X or XS, you have to wait until October. On the other hand, if you’re getting one for your iPhone XS Max, know that deliveries won’t begin until early December.