A fitful sleep does wonders for the body and to the overall mood. But a mattress can make or break a good night’s rest. This is where the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress comes in.

It provides more than just comfort and the hibernation environment. It is more than just a space to sleep on. Its coil-foam hybrid base (memory foam and coils) prevents dipping or sagging during use. Instead, it gently provides ergonomic support for your body, especially your hips and back. The 6-inch base of pocketed coils targets spinal points thus making the mattress agreeable with side sleepers. The coils likewise help the matters retain its shape over time, unlike full memory foam mattresses that could lose its structure over time.

The deep layer of memory foam, on the other hand, is good for pressure relief and movement isolation. This is good for people who are light sleepers since it minimizes sleep disturbances.

The Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress adds a layer of gel topper to enhance the cooling factor or for temperature control. The gel gives a cooling sensation for a relaxing sleep at any time of the day. The coils also add airflow to keep the sleeping space comfortable. Gravity suggests pairing the mattress with its blanket for optimal sleep.

The Gravity Blanket further enhances the comfort the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress provides. The combination of both results in a “trifecta of sleep excellence” with the deep touch pressure from the blanket, coal-foam hybrid base for body support, and cooling gel layer for ideal temperature control.

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Images courtesy of Gravity