Water is a must-have when it comes to any outdoor adventure, especially when you decide to go off the grid. The GoSun Flow provides you with clean drinking water no matter where you go.

This is a portable water purifier that uses an electropositive charge generated by nano alumina fibers to remove viruses, bacteria, and even microplastics. It boasts a 99.99 percent effectivity rate in filtering even the murkiest of water. This way you get safe and clean drinking water every time. It also uses polycarbonate, activated charcoal, and polypropylene filters for an extensive cleaning process.

The GoSun Flow comes with a pump, a filter, a solar case, hoses ( 6″ and 9″), a power bank, and a water pouch. It is easy to operate as it requires no manual pumping. Instead, a simple switch of a button activates the cleaning process. You can connect the hose to the pouch for on-the-go drinking. You can also attach the pump to a bottle filled with water and drink from it. The filter also works like a straw so you can drink directly from the source.

The GoSun Flow recharges in two ways: through electricity via a USB port and with solar energy, making it even more convenient for outdoor use. It runs on a 100Wh power bank that provides six hours of continuous pumping time. It provides over 100 gallons of clean water at a single charge. Winner of a 2021 CES Innovation Award, this handy water purifier comes in a travel-friendly size as such it fits in your backpack and weighs relatively light at just 2.75 pounds.

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Images courtesy of GoSun