The RapidPure Pioneer Straw is for the outdoor enthusiasts who take pleasure in being one with Mother Nature. This includes hiking, camping, trekking, and drinking water from streams, rivers, lakes.

This is a straw that filters and purifies water to make it safe to drink. It clears even the murkiest of water from the river. This device kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, viruses, sediment, parasites, and other harmful particles. It uses UltraCeram technology that acts as a magnet to attract microscopic pathogens. It removes those that are 100 times smaller than pathogens caught by 0.2-micron hollow fiber filters.

Moreover, the RapidPure Pioneer Straw offers unrivaled protection. It does not need backflushing, pumping, and priming. his means there is no wait time and the rate is ultra-fast. It has an output of 1.2 liters per minute. You can drink while the straw does its job.

This ultralight water purifier gives you great tasting water you would not even expect coming from the unlikely places to get drinking water. This is because it uses activated carbons that instantly remove any unwanted smell and improve the taste of water.

As an outdoor companion, the RapidPure Pioneer Straw is ideal because it is portable. It merely weighs 2.6 ounces including its carry sack. It fits in your pocket and definitely requires little space in your backpack. The company backs with its promise that the water filter in this device is reusable and can purify an amazing 25 gallons of water and filter 200 gallons. Likewise, it is BPA-free and freeze-resistant.

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Images courtesy of RapidPure