We here at Men’s Gear enjoy showcasing cool and awesome stuff. Cutting-edge tech is always welcome and electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. Tesla is no longer the only manufacturer with plans to promote rides using battery power. Big-name brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, and a whole bunch of carmakers are likewise on board. It’s great to see that even smaller companies are taking a crack at the eco-friendly platform. Check out the GFG Style Kangaroo Concept car–an exciting new entry into the automotive market.

This new project is the brainchild of Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, a father-son team of Italian designers. The duo is calling their upcoming concept a Hyper-SUV, which is probably a portmanteau of a hypercar and SUV. We’re equally baffled why they chose to describe it as such, but it appears that the EV will be modular to a certain degree. According to Giugiaros, the variable height system will allow owners to configure it for the road, racing, and even off-road. Now that’s definitely ambitious, but impressive nonetheless.

The GFG Style Kangaroo Concept will rely on an all-electric powertrain with a pair of 240-horsepower motors for each axle. Testing shows that this remarkable upstart can manage to jump from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than four seconds. Equally important is the substantial 90-kWh battery that boasts a range of around 280 miles on a full charge. To match the orange/black exterior, the interior also flaunts a similar color scheme. Upholstery is made from carbon-printed leather from Poltrona Frau and is spread around generously throughout the cabin.

GFG Style

Images courtesy of GFG Style