You can never be too sure when any disaster, either man-made or natural, strikes. The best thing you can do is prepare for its eventuality and when it comes to preparations, you need foremost the basic essentials. These include food, water, medicine, and communication tools. The GETXGO Kit offers these and more in a compact bag designed for emergency purposes.

Dubbed as the “all-in-one preparedness kit,” this survival gear comes with all the supplies you would need for protection and sustenance. It has first aid supplies, charging cables, and a solar-powered phone charger. It also has biodegradable sanitary items, a pair of gloves, and a notebook and pencil. Likewise, it has a crank-powered radio and a pocketknife outfitted with several useful utility tools.

It also comes with a food kit, windproof matches, Mayday glow sticks, ducktape, goggles, survival candle, KN95 mask, emergency blanket, a rain poncho, and a hand warmer. The GETXGO Kit holds and protects these essentials neatly and safely from natural forces. We’re talking water and fire, as such, it features a waterproof TPU exterior. It is also made from B1certified fire-resistant material that is hardly flammable. The material can tolerate temperatures of up to 260°C for a max of 2.5 hours and withstand flames up to 650°C.

In terms of portability and storage capacity, the GETXGO Kit is compact enough to fit in a backpack. It comes with a carrying handle and opens clamshell-style for easy access. It features muted colors to avoid unwanted attention and has a reflective logo for nighttime visibility.

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Images courtesy of GETXGO