It’s hard to spot a pocket knife design that’s more interesting than the rest of the pack, but Gerber manages to do that with its Flatiron.

This cleaver-style knife blade begs to be your next everyday carry essential. To be clear, the specs won’t shock you even one bit. What you’re getting is pretty much standard fare: There are G-10 composite or anodized aluminum handle options, increased grip capability, and all those whole-nine-yards stuff, but wait till you use the thumb hole to expose the blade with a one-handed flick — you’ll come to the conclusion that there’s something really special about this one.

That and the Gerber Flatiron also sports a pretty unusual silhouette, although for Gerber that’s pretty conventional. We’re talking a 3CrMoV steel blade and the aforementioned Desert Tan G-10 handle scale, plus a tip-up pocket clip and a sturdy frame lock to keep the blade in place during use.

At only 8.5 inches (the blade by itself is 3.8 inches), this is one of the smaller EDC pocket knife options out there, but don’t let the size fool you. This is as sharp and durable as those other guys, and yet they don’t have the unique cleaver-style design the Gerber Flatiron wields so effortlessly. It’s functional, it’s utilitarian, it’s compact, and it’s sporting a bold design — there’s so much to praise here. From slicing steak to carving wood, the Gerber Flatiron has you covered and will never disappoint. You can get one now for just under $37.