Those eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Cybertruck later in 2021 should already be browsing for aftermarket add-ons. The electric pickup truck is Tesla’s first off-road-capable platform. People who reserved their units are likely taking it overlanding outdoors. To enhance the experience, check out what the CyberLandr camper has to offer.

Its design allows it to fit and maximize the space available on the bed. Surprisingly, the CyberLandr arrives just in the nick of time as Tesla faces rival brands that promise features for off-grid comfort. The most recent one we featured was a modular electric pickup truck from Canoo.

When Musk introduced the Cybertruck, it did not take long for people to design useful accessories. When not in use, the CyberLandr takes up minimal room and does not affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics. It deploys, via an automated telescopic system that sees the structure gradually pop up.

Take note that this adds about 1,200 lbs of dry weight to the Tesla pickup truck. Retractable steps make it easy for owners to climb into the camper. Also, there is ample space inside to house two adults with two children. This makes it perfect for unplanned weekend camping getaways with the family.

It can draw power from the Cybertruck and augment it with the slide-out solar panel roofing. No need for curtains as the electrochromic tint of its dual-pane windows adjust the level of transparency. Meanwhile, the porcelain countertop provides ample space for meal preparation.

The CyberLandr cleverly integrates induction cooktops just below the surface for easy cleanup and convenience. There’s even a large tri-level sink with a faucet that supports manual, voice control operation. Entertainment comes from a 32-inch 4K TV and internet connectivity courtesy of StarLink.

Buy – $49,995

Images courtesy of CyberLandr