Over the years, the commercial and recreational use of quadcopters or drones as most people call them have become mainstream. As such, most aviation regulators are enforcing guidelines regarding their use in public airspace. Of course, this sucks the fun out of being able to fly your toy wherever you want. Thankfully, the technology is branching out to a new frontier, which takes us below the water’s surface. The Geneinno T1 Pro is the platform that will take us there.

As Geneinno’s catalog of products grows, so does the technology that makes it possible. After a successful crowdfunding run under Kickstarter, what was known back then as Titan back then is now the T1 Pro. With enough experience developing underwater scooters such as the S1 and S2, the company is ready for something new.

What it hopes to deliver is an exceptional performance that would rival that of commercial underwater drones. The T1 Pro boasts a compact, yet durable construction that can withstand dives of up to 574 feet. As it says in the name, this platform promises professional-grade and dynamic features. Adaptability is an advantage given the unpredictability of what goes on in the deep and visibility is crucial.

Therefore, Geneinno is arming the T1 Pro with a 3000-lumen LED to help operators navigate the depths. The 12-megapixel 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor can take still images and record up to 4K videos. If that’s not enough, slot in the extra battery pack with a 6,000-lumen LED to take it further. This add-on provides a total of 9,000 lumens and extends the operating time up to 8 hours. Moreover, the number of optional accessories available makes it ready for any type of tasks.

Buy it now – $2,999

Images courtesy of Geneinno