Almost two years ago, we introduced a compact and exciting underwater scooter from Geneinno – the Trident. Also known as the S1, it was the brand’s first foray outside of usual lineup. Those who are curious about what lies below the surface but are afraid to take a dip can always go with their submersible drones. Meanwhile, the rest that seeks the embrace of water can grab the new S2.

Taking the elements that made the original so versatile, the latest model from Geneinno boast impressive portability. Weighing in at only 5.9 pounds and roughly a little over the size of a 16-inch MacBook Pro, the S2 can fit in most backpacks. For specifics, it measures 19” x 10” x 6” and boasts a sleeker and smaller footprint, but just as fun as its predecessor.


While most underwater scooters are normally for adults, the Parental Mode feature makes it suitable for all ages. The S2 is engineered for positive buoyancy. Therefore, just in case the user loses grip, it will float up for easy recovery. It doesn’t matter if you’re in freshwater or saltwater, the durable construction of the motors promises reliable functionality.

Meanwhile, Geneinno allows you to explore depths of up to 98 feet with a max speed of 2.7 mph. The rechargeable 97.68 Wh lithium-polymer battery is enough for 45 minutes of fun in between charges. Finally, the mounting point up front lets you attach an LED light or your favorite action camera to record your adventure. If your destination involves swimming, you’re likely never leaving home without the S2.

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Images courtesy of Geneinno