We’ve come a long way since the first smartwatch debuted to the delight of techies around the world. Days of sensitive electronics that must be kept dry at all times is long gone. Now, even entry-level wearables boast some level of ingress protection. If you thought the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch were the most durable ones out there, then you’ve probably never seen what Garmin’s offerings can do. Perhaps their most rugged by far is the Descent Mk2i.

What might look like your average smartwatch is actually a fully functional dive computer. This device goes beyond what most of its type can handle. While certain models can withstand immersion for longer periods, it is only up to a certain depth. The Descent MK2i form Garmin, on the other hand, doubles as a cutting-edge dive computer.

Just like your typical diver’s watch, Garmin says it can go down up to 330 feet. This practically puts any other smartwatch to shame. Moreover, pairing it with the Descent T1 transmitter gives users an overview of their tank pressure, air time, air consumption rate, and its battery status. The Descent Mk2i can even pair with up to 5 T1 transmitters within a 33- foot radius underwater.

It sports a 1.4-inch 280 x 280 transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display. The polymer case comes with a titanium bezel with a DLC coating to add some finesse. If you’re not planning to go into the water soon, the Descent Mk2i looks stylish enough to match your casual outfit. Finally, let’s not forget that Garmin is not skimping on activity and health tracking features here either.

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Images courtesy of Garmin