Despite the surging popularity of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and mobile devices, the classic wristwatch is not going away anytime soon. The platform withstood the test of time (literally) and will do so for years to come. Moreover, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of those who choose to pursue the goal of being the best in their field, we, as consumers, can look forward to even more amazing stuff down the line. One such brand which embodies the quality and craftsmanship one looks for in a timepiece is Filippo Loreti. We at Men’s Gear are excited to talk about one of its latest models – the Okeanos.

While most dive watches tend to be on the chunkier side, the watchmaker manages to pack all into a compact construction. It’s noteworthy when you look back and understand the humble beginnings of this watchmaker. From a crowdfunding project that met its targets and delivered beyond what people expected. Now, with three Kickstarter campaigns under its belt in the last 5 years, Filippo Loreti is using the experience to establish a loyal following

The Okeanos And Filippo Loreti

Men’s Gear has the privilege to feature a wristwatch that expresses an essence of mythology. For those who know their Greek literature, the Okeanos is a fitting tribute to ancient tales of fantastic supreme beings who live on in our imaginations to this day. Filippo Loreti offers an insight as to what inspired the design of this classy model.

What sets Oceanus apart from other Titans was his preference for harmony. While everybody else was in conflict most of the time, he was apparently neutral. Given what the Okeanos stands for, its only natural the watchmaker built it as a modern and fashionable dive watch that kindles the spirit of aquatic adventures.

As with any timepiece one gets from Filippo Loreti, you can be sure everything about it will be outstanding. In fact, it’s almost unbelievable something this stunning does not break the bank. Credit goes to how the company chooses to market directly to its clientele. Therefore, the absence of middlemen leads to more value at a cost that does not hit as hard as its competitors.

Acquiring the Okeanos

Earlier, we were pointing out how the brand is making its products accessible for most consumers. As such, the process is pretty much straightforward. Browsing through its catalog can keep you busy for hours. But for this particular piece, we will focus on the Okeanos and its variations.

From what we can gather, there are a total of 8 available and each would surely appeal to a user’s personal taste. A few of those come with a stainless-steel bracelet, adding to its already top-shelf appeal. Then you also have some paired with a rubber strap, which is what we will be talking about in detail later on.

Just because Filippo Loreti is an online-only establishment, does not mean that it forgoes quality. In contrast, it actually allows the manufacturer to dedicate its resources to deliver a level of refinement you won’t find on others in the same price range.

Unboxing the Okeanos

Ordering your watch from their website is a pleasing experience. Buyers can easily locate the items they want from the top menu, which takes you to a page with a huge selection of watches and jewelry. We love that they even ship out your purchases for free. Furthermore, the comprehensive 10-year international warranty speaks volumes about the reliability of their watches.

Our Okeanos did not take long to arrive. The unboxing made us eager to see what’s inside. After popping open the black outer cover, what greets us a thank you card. It says, “You Are Awesome” with a message from the folks who built the watch. This right here is a simple gesture that can definitely build brand loyalty among its clientele.

Up next was a black sleeve that wraps around the presentation box, which you can just slide off. When the light hits it at a certain angle. an image of the Okeanos as well as the Filippo Loreti branding can be seen.

Finally, after lifting the cover open, what greets us is a rose gold and blue variant of the Okeanos. Lifting the fabric tabs on each side reveals a cleaning cloth at the bottom you can use to wipe the watch clean from smudges. It’s clear that a lot of thought was put into everything which is an exquisite touch in our opinion.

Getting to know the Okeanos

Case – Our version of the Okeanos touts a 42 mm stainless-steel case in a shade of rose gold with a satin finish. It’s easy to forget that this is a dive watch due to its elegant looks. Nevertheless, the unidirectional bezel quickly reminds us that this is a robust timepiece that can withstand depths of up to 330 feet.

Additionally, spinning it produces a satisfying click from the ratchet springs. It took some effort for us to stop fidgeting around with it after some time. A close-up inspection of the crown shows an engraving of a trident – the one wielded by Oceanus.

What follows is the case back which shows an intricate engraving of the Titan grasping his trident. The details such as his crown, hair, and beard are intricately done as the emblem of Oceanus adds a distinct personality to the Okeanus dive watch.

Dial – Moving on, we are greeted by a sunburst dial that adds a dynamic element to its appearance. This sits below a mineral glass lens with a sapphire coating for dependable scratch resistance. The flange, hour markers, and hands match the rose gold of its case. Meanwhile, the indices on the outer ring and the bezel are in white.

Aside from the Filippo Loreti branding, Okeanos script, and the water-resistance details, the dial is dominated by a shade of deep blue. For low-light visibility, the hands and hour markers sport luminous coatings. Running the show is the 2-hand Miyota 2025 quartz movement which is quite reliable.

Strap – Finally, a blue 20 mm rubber strap with a stainless-steel pin buckle in rose gold completes the ensemble of the Okeanos. This makes it a perfect match for casual or format outfits.


Overall, we believe the Okeanos is perhaps one of the most stylish dive watches one can have. Although the rose gold and blue combination might not be for everyone, Filippo Loreti gladly presents more options. Browse through their luxurious catalog and one will likely meet your preference. What you get is a sophisticated timepiece that is crafted with premium materials and stunning aesthetics.

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