As the colder weather gradually becomes more bearable with spring right around the corner, we believe its perfect for an outdoor cookout. If you feel that your standard equipment lacks that impact to impress your family and friends, the Galaxy Grill might be the answer. As you can see this is a must-have for Star Wars fans who also love to cook.

We here at Men’s Gear absolutely love the Star Wars franchise and the merchandise as well. Although there have been hits and misses when it comes to product tie-ins, the Galaxy Grill seems to fit right in the former.

As with most wood/charcoal grills, it ships out in pieces and will need some assembly. No problems here because we wouldn’t want it any other way. Building the Galaxy Grill from the ground up will be a treat. One just needs some basic tools and the general know-how of where each part goes.

Of course, an instruction manual is there for a smoother process. Upon completion, you have an all-black TIE Fighter grill ready to roast those rebel scum. Kidding aside, this is the type of stuff geeks who love the “galaxy far, far away” would die for.

The Galaxy Grill uses steel with a black heat-resistant coat with a matte finish, There are two fold-down side shelves – one for each wing. The cockpit holds the wood/charcoal. Which looks totally awesome when lit by the way.

You can set it on the ground, but we think it looks better elevated on a fire-resistant surface. The Galaxy Grill measures 17.91 x 28.74 x 24.01 inches (H x W x D) and weighs a manageable 66.14 lbs. Its size would fit in most average car trunks as well.

Buy – $700

Images courtesy of Galaxy Grill