G-Shock watches are stylish and high performing, we know that already. But this new model from their stellar lineup is a bit different. They have added to the expected stylish features and reliability with some brute ruggedness. This watch is wearing Ray-Ban shades alike its brothers but has turned up to the party with an envious beard and a couple of new tattoos.

This model has a rigid and lightweight carbon bezel. It is shock resistant to the extreme due to the combination of Nanonalloy 2 and Torayca 1. The protective glass is scratch resistant, so you won’t accidentally damage it when reaching for your whisky – this is a whiskey drinker’s watch! The crystal glass has also been incorporated to improve the wearer’s ability to read its features.

If the watch could, it would probably also leave the party in a nice sportscar due to its sporty urethane band made from a state-of-the-art molding process. Other impressive design features include: a layered guard, abrasion resistant band ring, smartphone linking, and it is water resistant up to 200 meters. This really is more than just another G-Shock watch!

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