Automaking is not enough for BMW, apparently, so the German carmaker is now penetrating the aviation business, too. Well, not quite. It’s not going to make planes anytime soon, but its subsidiary, Designworks, is designing innovative suites for Taiwanese airlines EVA.

The Designworks team presents a vision of premium travel never before seen on any of EVA’s commercial planes. Trying to describe it would do the seats a great disservice. As such, let’s just say they’re more like lounges than conventional plane seats. They come in natural leather and rich custom textiles that’ll make you feel right at home even though you’re tens of thousands of feet up in the air.

“We wanted EVA’s business class experience to be fresh and memorable for passengers and to make service, design and brand all work together,” according to Johannes Lampela, a design director at Designworks’ studio in Los Angeles. “Our goal was to take a proven seat platform and make it unique to EVA.”

The seats, debuting on the EVA’s new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, are arranged in a one-two-one layout. They feature adjustable privacy panels between the paired middle seats, spacious built-in storage cabinets, a wide seat-side shelf, an extra-large work table, and a massive 18-inch HD touchscreen display.

The plane itself, on the other hand, features an array of LED lighting that changes depending on the day: blue for nighttime, yellow for daytime. EVA says deliveries of Boeing 787-9 jets are expected this year. The first plane flies between Taipei and Hong Kong in October.


Photos courtesy of BMW Designworks and EVA