If you are in search for the ultimate off-grid cooling solution for your food and drinks, then the Furrion eRove is your best choice. This ice cooler boasts features that make it the ideal outdoor partner including its ability to run on solar power.

The market offers a wide selection of coolers for the outdoor enthusiast that it can be tricky to choose one. Well, Furrion LLC’s innovative product is not just your typical icebox. It has other off-grid functions other than providing 50 quarts of storage space to keep food fresh and drinks cold. It also acts as a portable generator.

As a cooler, the Furrion eRove uses electricity which practically makes it a compact refrigerator on wheels. A single charge on the swappable ePod battery keeps the cold for five days. It can freeze food at subzero temperatures even without ice for as low as -8° F and at a max of 50° F.

Amazingly, with ice, it keeps food cold for up to ten days even without a battery and with a battery for 14 days. The ePod recharges with either its built-in AC or DC adapter, the latter being handy when on the road. Best of all, the battery comes with a compatible solar kit for the ultimate off-grid cooling solution.

The Furrion eRove offers more than just portable refrigeration. It doubles as a power generator too that can charge up to six devices simultaneously. It comes with a built-in USB-C port, a 10W wireless charging pad, 2 AC outputs, and 3 USB ports for your home or mobile devices.

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Images courtesy of Furrion LLC