Now you don’t have to wait overnight or more than ten hours to make a cup of cold brew. The FrankOne One-Touch Coffee and Cold Brew Maker delivers a strong cold cup of joe with a press of a button and in minutes.

This machine uses Vacuum Extraction Technology to accelerate the process of making cold brew. What it does is it uses negative pressure to force cold water through a bed of finely ground coffee to deliver exceptionally tasty and sweet cold brew that has less bitterness. The bitterness remains on the top and out of your cup.

This manual coffee maker works with any grind size beans from very fine to very coarse. Finely ground beans make a good espresso and a French press from a coarsely ground coffee.

The FrankOne comes with unique features including its USB charging method. The machine can make 150 coffees on a single two-hour charge.

It also comes with a reusable fine metal mesh filter that can easily be removed for cleaning. The metal does not affect the taste of the brew.

The FrankOne is also unlike other manual coffee makers that cannot be cleaned with water. It is completely safe to wash it under flowing water because it is waterproof. It also has a sleek and compact design so you can take it anywhere with you for coffee on the go.

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