As home made cold brew coffee gains even more popularity, the number of systems available are increasing in size and complexity. Using a special filter and two wide-mouth Mason Jars, the BRUW Simple Cold Brew Kit ($35) demonstrates that getting your daily caffeine fix shouldn’t be hard or complicated.

The BRUW Filter is made of 100% US-made food-grade plastic and stainless steel. The process is as simple as putting your coffee grounds and water into one Mason jar and refrigerating for 24 hours. At that point, you screw on the filter (which makes it a sealed system) with the straw inside. You then screw the other Mason jar to the filter ring, shake a bit and turn upside down so the coffee, cold brewed to eliminate the usual bitterness of hot brewed coffee, can filter into the new jar – wash and repeat!

The BRUW filter is available in a kit that includes the two Mason jars and the filter or, if you already have the jars, you can purchase the filter by itself. Either way, it gives you great coffee without filling up your counter space.