Although Ford’s Bronco is shipping out to its clients, the global chip shortage is causing manufacturing delays. We know a lot of you are probably already exploring aftermarket modifications. Thanks to the modular characteristic of the SUV, the manufacturer encourages owners to get creative. If you need some inspiration on how to move forward, they got you covered as well.

The Blue Oval knows just how insane the demand for this ride has been. As a matter of fact, even after the line’s discontinuation in 1996, consumers have been clamoring for its return. In 2020, the automaker finally obliged – to the delight of fans. Hyping those who are still considering ownership are official custom creations.

We’re not a hundred percent sure how many examples Ford is cooking up for the upcoming 2021 SEMA Show. However, there are several teasers of what attendees of the trade event can expect. This demonstration flexes just how versatile the Bronco can be with the right add-ons and tweaks.

They are sourcing parts and accessories from the factory’s broad catalog. Moreover, some of these likewise tap into third-party suppliers and shops. The preview shows a colorful assortment of configurations to tackle specific tasks and more. Names like RTR Vehicles, BDS Suspensions, Tucci Hot Rods, LGE-CTS Motorsports, and CGS Performance present their unique takes on the Bronco.       

Among all the machines in the preliminary showcase, what stood out for us was that with tracks instead of wheels. This bespoke build takes a 2021 Bronco Badlands and equips it with the means to traverse ice and snow. Meanwhile, the rest are mostly aesthetic but pack enough upgrades over the stock trim. At least the kids have a ride-on replica to enjoy, while we wait for our full-scale toy to arrive.

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Images courtesy of Ford