The Fluttua Bed by LAGO Designs boasts a gravity-defying structure that makes it look like it is suspended above a floor space. From the Italian word fluttuare, which means to float, it definitely lets you feel like you’re floating on air while sleeping.

Dubbed as the “first suspended bed in the world,” the structure relies on a single durable central support that anchors the frame and the innovative, invisible high-pressure laminate (HPL) base. The patented central support makes it possible to adjust the height of the bed upon installation. This is ideal for those tall people who always have to be cautious every time they step on the floor upon waking up to avoid their knees hitting their chin. 

Moreover, the base of the Fluttua Bed can easily accommodate a lighting system to emphasize the effect of suspension. But what makes it even more functional is it opens the space below for airflow or for easy cleaning. There are no more rigid obstacles to block you when your vacuuming, mopping, and more. It makes cleaning the surrounding perimeter of the bed a breeze.

This sleeping space can be installed on various kinds of walls and plasterboard. It may seem flimsy because it only stands on one leg. But thanks to painstaking design engineering and testing, it can safely support a hefty weight of up to 240kg. The absence of a bulky frame makes the Fluttua Bed look neat, elegant, and uniquely modern.  

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Images courtesy of LAGO Designs