It might still be a while before our situation regarding work changes. As such, how would you rate your current work from home setup? Experts on the matter suggest that we should try to designate a workspace to maintain focus. Along with your desk of choice, a comfortable office chair should do the trick. FlexiSpot just so happens to have one for us called the BS10.

We’ve reviewed a couple of their standing desks before. So far, we love the versatility and functionality they provide. We love how you can switch between standing and sitting to keep the blood flowing. However, it was missing something. Thankfully, the BS10’s arrival shows us just how great ergonomics help with productivity big time!

Some seats may look and feel fancy, but most are lacking where it matters. Given that body types differ for everyone, a comprehensive range of adjustability is a feature you rarely find on even the most expensive models. So, if you shift around a lot in your current chair, consider a different one that offers better support.

True to the brand name, FlexiSpot ensures that its office chair covers what its users need. The BS10 looks and feels premium. The build quality is likewise solid as it can withstand a maximum weight of about 276 lbs. Its sections wrapped in breathable mesh fabric do not feel stuffy at all even after hours of use.

If you love to lean back every now and then, the headrest is designed to adapt and relieve tension to relax your neck muscles. Next up is the lumbar support of the BS10 which is also height adjustable. From the back, the wooden panel gives it a refined look.

The base is crafted out of aluminum for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. Each of the five spokes rides on heavy-duty casters for that extra mobility without the need to stand up. Multi-functional handles on both sides of the seat’s undercarriage let you fine-tune everything accordingly. If you already own a FlexiSpot desk, it’s a no-brainer that the BS10 is a must-have add-on.

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Images courtesy of FlexiSpot