The Fleetwood Sound Co. DeVille speaker is a timeless beauty worthy to become an heirloom for the generations to come. Built with hardwood and powerful audio drivers, this loudspeaker turns your home or entertainment area into a mini-concert hall.

Compact and two-way designed from Pennsylvania ash hardwood for durability and sustainability, this loudspeaker uses professional drivers for a powerful and less-distorted audio quality. It needs little power when you want them loud. It also works with any amplifier from the low powered tube to the high powered solid state.

The DeVille speaker comes in standard black with a natural solid wood horn top and bottom. It is available in various finishes including from England’s Farrow and Ball paints. They are also customizable to other finishes including antiqued leather, handmade Japanese washi paper, and Japanese indigo-dyed denim.

As for its components, this compact speaker comes with a 6″ thick solid wood conical horn equipped with a proprietary phase plug that disperses high frequencies and prevents internal reflections and cancellations of sound waves. Like OMA’s existing wares, it has been treated with beeswax and linseed oil treatment for an “heirloom finish.” The base of the speaker is bottom ported so it can sit on a stable surface while the rear panel uses a solid sheet of phenolic for its anti-resonant quality.

Moreover, this handmade speaker weighs 36 pounds and measures 24″H x 10″D x 18″W. The DeVille speaker boasts an efficiency of 94db/1w/1m and uses 8″ paper cone high-efficiency neodymium woofer and horn-loaded 1″ neodymium compression driver. This loudspeaker works best with 10 watts or a bigger wattage amplifier.

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Images courtesy of Fleetwood Sound Co.