Remember the super awesome Transparent Speaker? Well, the folks behind that made another jaw-dropping product — the Steel Speaker. It comes part of an extremely limited range of handcrafted speakers called Upcrafted, which consists of three speakers.

One in wood, one in ceramics, and one in steel, with each crafted from recycled materials. The Steel Speaker is arguably the most awe-striking of the three. Jonas Majors did the dirty work for this slick-looking speaker. It was made with only the most essential elements and showcases the raw metal texture of aged steel, here repurposed to perfection.

The limited-edition piece comes with offers high-fidelity sound via two 3-inch drivers. Also here to beef up sound quality? A 6.5-inch woofer and a built-in amplifier. The Steel Speaker also features Bluetooth, which means you can connect it to phones, tablets, and computers. It even supports all the major casting platforms like Apple AirPlay, Sonos, plus digital assistants including Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

Design comes courtesy of Transparent Sound, the genius folks behind the aforementioned Transparent Speaker. The clean-lined Steel Speaker features a highly minimal look, but not minimal sound quality. If you’re into brutalist interior design, this would make a perfect addition to your living room. The black metal accents shine as the cherry on top of an already gorgeous unit.

Check out the Steel Speaker’s specs when you hit the link below. May we remind you that this doesn’t come cheap. Expect to shell out a couple of thousand dollars to get this bad boy.