Lately, we have been seeing amazing new designs from companies manufacturing wireless speakers. Just recently, we featured several creative models from Danish luxury consumer electronics outfit Bang & Olufsen. Fusing premium material, artistic aesthetics, and outstanding audio quality, it is a standard other brands should strive for. On the other hand, here we have the compact but powerful smart speaker from Marshall – the Uxbridge Voice. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you because this model packs a punch and more.

While there are others in Marshall’s catalog that boast impressive portability, its latest entry by far the smallest. Measuring only 5.04 x 6.61 x 4.84 inches, it can practically fit anywhere. What draws us to the brand’s offerings is perhaps the overall look. Everything about it just evokes feelings of nostalgia as the classic elements combine into one retro product.

It may look old-school, but inside the housing is cutting-edge audio technology and some extras. Amazon’s Echo lineup is currently on top of the charts. What makes this possible is the voice assistant that delivers reliable flexibility. Thus, the Uxbridge Voice ships with Alexa support out of the box.

With an array of far-field microphones, the smart assistant is just a command away as long as you are within hearing range. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers from Marshall, the Uxbridge Voice does not come with analog dial knobs. Nevertheless, the new control buttons add to its fresh appeal to its elegant form. Finally, it will be available for $199.00 on April 8 in two colorways: Black and White.

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Images courtesy of Marshall