In order to perform efficiently each day, some of us rely on energy drinks to get the job done. The caffeine boost it delivers might be quicker and lasts longer, but there are downsides to its consumption. Studies show these jumpstart juices do more harm in the long run, which is why we recommend you stick to a cup of Joe. For that full-bodied aroma and taste, leave it up to the Flair 58.

The appeal right here is that you have to rely on good old-fashioned elbow grease to extract your shots. The Flair 58 looks like almost every other manual espresso makers out there, but it packs some electronic assistance. Not to worry, as you can still flex to arms to pull down the T-grip handle.

What it takes out of the equation is the preheating cycle for the water. We know that monitoring the temperature religiously is not anyone’s idea of a good time when you crave that jolt. Flair Espresso is engineering the Flair 58 as a lever-type model with a Preheat Temperature Controller.

Basically, it needs to be plugged in so users can toggle the three heat settings. If you prefer to go about it the traditional way, you can still use with without electricity. Just make sure to pay attention to the temperature requirements of the coffee variety you are about to extract.

Likewise, take note that this is one solidly built espresso maker that needs to be bolted down for proper leverage. Choose your spot wisely because it is anything but handy to move around. The brew head, piston, and power cord are removable to make storage easier. The Flair 58 is an outstanding piece of equipment with a modern retro design that would look good in any home.

Buy – $529

Images courtesy of Flair Espresso