Some people love coffee so much that they want absolute control over every step to get their brew. Harvesting and roasting may be going a little bit too far, but who knows, right? Although the variety of the bean plays a huge role when it comes to flavors and aromas, the extraction process is perhaps the most crucial. Hence, you should consider equipment like the Newton Espresso Brua.

It might be easier to just go with a premium espresso machine or those fancy ones that use pods. These will save you the time and hassle of the process, but some of us prefer something immersive. The latter is exactly what the Brua hopes to do when you crave that cup of java any time of the day.

Since the process will require hot water that’s somewhere in the range of 195 to 205 °F, this needs to be done ahead of time. Newton Espresso says there is no need to disassemble the body. Just pour the water in and heat accordingly. Its stainless-steel coffee basket can hold up to 17 grams of your ground beans of choice.

With some elbow grease, you just need to pull the handle down and extract your shot. Watch as the dark liquid drops down to your cup and smell the bold fragrance of the espresso. The Brua might not be for everyone, but it will make a cool showpiece/conversation starter in any home or office.

The body and piston are crafted out of precision-machined aluminum. For the frame, Newton Espresso is using tubular steel with a black powder coating with enough clearance for most cup sizes. The Brua is available in orange or black color options.

Buy – $499

Images courtesy of Newton Espresso